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From film to animated book  
From film to animated book


From film to animated book


The artist Joe Bluhm, specialist in caricatures, character illustration and deisgn, has taken advantage of the possibilities enabled by new technologies to offer a new perspective of the narrative The fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore,an iPad app. The development has been directed by Moonbot Studios, based in California, a design company where Bluhm is the main artist.

The journalist Sam Missingham interviewed Bluhm for The FutureBook, not without 'energetically' recommending the artists new story before, which he assures "blurrs the limit between the illustrated book and animated pictures" and is having a great success-

In the first place, Bluhm explains as his short animated film The fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore was developing, the iPad appeared. Everyone on the team, avid iPhone users, soon discovered the possibilities of the device to "try to situate children's books on a higher level".

"Morris was conceived to be a printed, physical and illustrated book –explains Bluhm–, and we thought it marvellous and deliciously apporpriate to try something new for ourrselves, and for the world, and program a story book as an iPad app.
Nevertheless, he clarifies that the aim of the Morris app was simple, as the story is the king. "Each decision, each interactive bit, each game, and each funcion had to serve to keep the reader in the story, or to make the story advance"– he underlines.
He assures he tried to avoid distractions that were abundant in other apps. "We didn't want that –he says–; everything had to be as intuitive as possible, and immerse the reader in Morris' world and his experiences".
The complete interview is available on this link.



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