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Lorenzo Silva on Territorio eBook  
Lorenzo Silva on Territorio eBook


The writer Lorenzo Silva, author of the novel Niños feroces, pivotal text for the fifth stage of Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez’s Territorio eBook program investigating the impact of reading on digital devices, considers it a “privilege” for someone like him who has “spent over thirty years trying to talk with readers” to participate in such a project.
Lorenzo Silva is a constant presence on the internet and for this reason, he was the ideal author to talk to the experiment’s participants through the new virtual mediums.
During the presentation of FGSR’s Sociocultural Development Centre in Peñaranda de Bracamonte (Salamanca), Silva expressed great enthusiasm to play a part in the new stage of Territorio eBook’s project.
Silva also confessed that in “some way” he is returning to the scenes in Salamanca that his ancestors abandoned almost a century ago to move to Madrid. He emphasised that Niños feroces (Destino) reflects the concept of conversation very directly, as it is structured around characters’ converesations at different moments in history.
The project Territorio eBook is the first of its kind in Spain. During it’s previous stages the investigation has analysed the reading experiences of adults between nineteen and thirty-nine years old, people above the age of fifty-five, youths between the ages of thirteen and eighteen and adults between forty and fifty-four years old.
Lorenzo Silva’s intervention in the presentation of the fifth stage of the project can be seen here.





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