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Reading in Spain  
Reading in Spain

‘Read to learn’ is the motto of the report produced by Fundación GSR and Federación de Gremios de Editores de España in 2008. Both institutions hoped the new report would edit the previous version of 2002 so that it would prove useful not only to specialists in publishing, education and culture, but also to anyone related to the use and practise of reading.


The production of the report was coordinated by José Antonio Millán according to whom reading is still ‘the authentic passport into a knowledgeable society, which nowadays is available on numerous fronts, not solely educational and professional, but also through citizens’.


The 2008 and report has been published in paper and on a webpage, incorporating a Creative Commons license to facilitate its diffusion.


The complete study is available in the pdf file below.

La lectura_Informe 2008.pdf



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