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The Perception of Reading  
The Perception of Reading


The public library, due to its availability and its resources, is one of the ways into reading most valued by immigrants according to a study carried out in Madrid by Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez. The organisation set itself the task of identifying the meaning of reading for an immigrant and exploring the immigrant’s personal perceptions of the reader, in both his previous and present surroundings.
The initiative has been supported by the Ministry of Culture and centred on people from the countries that have most immigrants in the Spanish capital. In Madrid these people are Eastern Europeans from Rumania, Ukraine and Bulagria, Chinese citizens, Latin Americans particularly from Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú and Colombia, and Moroccans.
The foundations of this study are tightly linked with the work of Fundación GSR concerning the promotion of reading and the need to establish an initial frame of reading knowledge of the immigrant population, specifically in Madrid. The study also investigates the new citizen’s relation to reading in all its different formats.
The complete study is available in the pdf file below.


Estudio lectura inmigrante.pdf



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