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Fundación GSR, A History  
Fundación GSR, A History


The Spanish editor Germán Sánchez Ruipérez officially created this institution on the 27th of October 1981.

Dedicated to the realisation of educational and cultural programmes, Fundación GSR, from its very beginning, has focused most of its activity on spreading and diffusing the culture of books and reading. The main character in the activity of the organisation is the reader.
Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez is an institution at the service of society in its whole: professional, independent and permanently committed to the future. Its daily activity centres on the development of projects and programmes created mainly within the institution, for which it has teams of workers. Fundación GSR’s own resources and infrastructures permit the realisation of its work. The President of Fundación GSR has always shown a determined will to integrate in its project the best professionals and to put at their disposal infrastructures of maximum ambition and quality.
The vocation of permanence of all its programmes, like their adaptable character, has led Fundación GSR to create diverse technical centres that fulfill different missions. These technical centres, nourished by the work of the professionals and users that form them, make up the basic structure of the institution. Like this it is present in the three prototypic realities of national society: the capital of the province, the rural area, and the capital of the State. 
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[12/03/2012]  Rosa Virginia Urdaneta say:  Felicidades por tan interesante proyecto, quisiera saber la fecha de inauguración.
[12/03/2012]  Lectura Lab say:  Estimada Rosa Virginia: La inauguración de Casa del Lector está prevista para el otoño de 2012. Gracias por tu interés.



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